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Losing My Mind

Year: 1991

UK 12" promo

(EMI; 12RDJ 6283)

6:08 Losing My Mind (disco mix)

[Q: 10]

Abbey Road 12" acetate

(Abbey Road; n/a)

6:08 Losing My Mind (disco mix)

US 'Hot Tracks' 12"

12" US (Hot Tracks; NRG-7) [NRG For The 90's 7; clear vinyl]

6:29 Losing My Mind [remixed for Hot Tracks by J.R.Clements]

[Q: ??]

'Art Of Mix' CD remix [year: 1990]

7:02 Losing My Mind (z-boys cd mix)


CD (Art Of Mix; cd3)

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And all I wanted to say was that I love you, but you're telling me now you don't believe it's true
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