Last Update 01 Nov. 2017


Pet Shop Boys

I've always asked myself how much every item of my collection was worth, so I've decided to build up a site where it's possible for everyone to give a 'value' to the records of his own Pet Shop Boys' collection.
It is not easy to find out the covers of their records, since the complete discography seems to be endless. This is only an attempt to catalogue as much covers as I can and to give them their proper quotation.
This is not a sort of 'Bible'. Maybe you'll find the items here listed at lower/different prices. But it can be useful to know if you're paying too much for an item, or if an item you still have in your collection can be considered a 'rarity' or not.
I hope you find my work useful and interesting, there are more than 12000 pics!

The quotations are in UK Pounds.

Andrea andmaste

Random Cover