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In The Night

Year: 1985

GER 7" promo

(EMI; 7P 518702) [limited 2xA promo]

3:38 In The Night (arthur baker remix/edit)

[Q: 125]

UK 'Record Mirror EP' free 7"

(Record Mirror; RM 1) [8 Feb 86]

4:50 In The Night

[Q: 12]


"Hot tracks" remix

2x12" US (Hot Tracks; HT SA6)

6:13 In The Night

'extended version' on 'Elektro Diskow' 2xCD compilation [year: 2011]

2xCD UK (EMI; g679-6092)

6:29 In The Night (extended)

on 'Legion 23' Ukraine promo cassette

Cass UKR (?????? ???; n/a)

In The Night

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I stood at the kitchen sink, my radio played songs like 'Tainted Love' and 'Love Is Strange'
I want to wake up