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Kinky Boyz: In The Night

Year: 1994

[Q: 5]

3:57 In The Night (seven inch edit)
7:14 In The Night (new handbag mix)
6:30 In The Night (attitude mix)
6:18 In The Night (the kinky boyz mix)


CD5 UK (Almighty; CD ALMY 65)

[Q: 4]

7:08 In The Night (handbag mix)
7:03 In The Night (instrumental)
6:19 In The Night (kinky boyz mix)


12" UK (Almighty; 12 ALMY 65)

Handbag Mix on 'The Almighty Mixes - volume 7' Australian Various Artists CD compilation

7:08 In The Night (handbag mix)


CD AUS (Almighty; D31446)

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