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1 April 2020

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10:02 For your own good (Dance Dummy's extended mix)
9:32 I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore (T.Rexx disco mix)
8:03 Drunk (The T.Rexx vs Dance Dummy trance mix)
4:22 New York City Boy (Dance Dummy's sexy club mix)
6:19 Radiophonic (T.Rexx radiophonic mix)
6:18 Closer to heaven (Dance Dummy's dinner in heaven mix)
6:11 In denial (Aries club mix)
11:58 Vampires (T.Rexx midnight hour mix)
7:36 Screaming (Elusive extended mix)


CD (-;-) [bootleg]

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Now it almost seems impossible. We've drunk too much and woke up everyone
It couldn't happen here