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1 April 2020

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In A Mixed Up World 1


4:54 The wit & wisdom of Mr. Tennant
7:16 Before (& after mix)
6:20 Discoteca (2000 mix)
8:29 I want a dog (dacodance mix)
5:50 Euroboy (russian mix)
5:02 Betrayed (scab mix)
5:46 Paninaro (eurogroove mix)
4:24 Bilingually speaking
7:03 Forever in love (X mix)
7:56 Jealousy (junglistic mix)
5:47 The boy who couldn't keep his clothes on (sweat mix)
4:36 The wit & wisdom of Mr. Lowe


CD (-;-) [bootleg]

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You've been sitting there wondering what to do. I've been standing here waiting to make the first move
I want a lover