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1 June 2019

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DJ Did The Mixes Volume 1


7:24 That's my impression (Hot Tracks)
6:05 In the night (Hot Tracks)
4:01 What have I done to deserve this? (remix!)
7:25 Always on my mind (Hot Tracks)
7:41 Being boring (Hot Tracks)
6:33 One more chance (Hot Tracks)
6:26 Liberation (part 1 Hot Tracks)
5:15 Liberation (part 2 Hot Tracks)
6:44 Absolutely fabulous (Hot tracks)
6:19 Yesterday when I was mad (Hot Tracks)
0:50 Go west (Westward Ho! by DJ Robbie B)


CD (-;-) [bootleg]

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You're so beautiful and calm but with an attitude that says "Hands off, you're just not good enough"
Bet she's not your girlfriend