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Kevorkian Death Cycle: It's A Sin

Year: 2013

on "God Am I" US CD

[Q: 5]

4:58 It's A Sin

CD US (Negative Gain Productions; NGP81101)

on "God Am I" US limited edition LP

[Q: 5]

4:58 It's A Sin

LP US (Negative Gain Productions; 8 1916201363 2) [limited edition x250]

on "God Am I" US 11-tracks download album

4:58 It's A Sin

DL US (Negative Gain Productions; n/a) [download]

on "God Am I" EU promo CD [year: 2014]

4:58 It's A Sin

CD EU (Juggernaut Music Group; JUG016) [promo]

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