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Trancemission: It's A Sin

Year: 2005


on "Let's Hear It For The 80s Vol. 1" ITA 2xCD compilation

[Q: 5]

It´s A Sin

2xCD ITA (Atlantis; ATL 034-2)

on "Double Gold Hi-Lo 02" ITA 2xCD compilation

[Q: 20]

3:47 It´s A Sin

2xCD ITA (Energy 4 Fitness; EFF 122-2)

"Original Mix" on "Menergy Volume One" ITA CD compilation

[Q: 8]

4:58 It´s A Sin (Original Mix)

CD ITA (Atlantis; ATL 206-2)

"Teachno Beat Mix" on "Best Of Gay Dance Vol. 1" ITA CD compilation [year: 2010]

[Q: 12]

5:14 It´s A Sin (Teachno Beat Mix)

CD ITA (Atlantis; ATL 658-2)

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