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The Ray Hamilton Orchestra: In Private

Year: 2004

on "Take Your Partners Please! Cha Cha Cha" GER CD album

[Q: 5]

In Private

CD GER (Atom Music Limited; BALL 1002)

on "The Best Of Ballroom Dancing Vol. 1" EU CD album [year: 2005]

[Q: 8]

In Private

CD EU (Forever Gold; FG341)

on "Todays Ballroom Music - The 'Steps' Ballroom Dance Collection Volume 1" NL CD album

[Q: 8]

In Private

CD NL (STEPS Records; TR-CD 93054501)

on "It Takes Two To.. Cha Cha Cha - Dance Collection Vol. 2" ITA CD album

[Q: 5]

In Private

CD ITA (STEPS Records; STEPS 93054514 )

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