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Sahara Hotnights: In Private

Year: 2008

SWE promo CD5"

[Q: 3]

3:43 In Private

CD5 SWE (Universal Music Group; UM7-08-01772) [promo]

on "Sparks" SWE CD [year: 2009]

[Q: 8]

3:41 In Private

CD SWE (Stand By Your Band; 060251797131)

on "Sparks" SWE promo CD [year: 2009]

[Q: 15]

3:41 In Private

CD SWE (Universal Music Group; n/a) [promo]


on "Vara Favoriter - Svenskt Vol. 1" SWE promo CD compilation [year: 2009]

[Q: 20]

3:43 In Private

CD SWE (Universal; n/a) [promo]

on "Mr Music Hits 2009 2" SWE CD compilation [year: 2009]

[Q: 2]

3:43 In Private

CD SWE (Mr Music; MMCD 1317)

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