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Alan Connor: Heart

Year: 2009

"7th Heaven Remix" UK 1-track download single [year: 2019]

3:49 Heart (7th Heaven Remix)

DL UK (JTA Records; n/a) [download]

on "Something Going On" UK CD

[Q: 7]

3:47 Heart

CD UK (Liberty City; LPOP002)

3 versions on "Something Going On (Deluxe Edition)" UK 30-tracks download album

3:45 Heart (7th Heaven Edit)
6:33 Heart (7th Heaven Club Mix)
3:47 Heart (7th Heaven Karaoke Mix)

DL UK (Liberty City; n/a) [download]


"7th Heaven Club Mix" on "Remix March 2010" UK promo CD compilation [year: 2010]

6:30 Heart (7th Heaven Club Mix)

CD UK (CD Pool; X1307) [promo]

"Starlab Club Mix" on "Gayfest 2010" UK 2xCD mixed compilation [year: 2010]

[Q: 8]

6:30 Heart (7th Heaven Club Mix)

2xCD UK (Klone Records; CDKOPY 188)

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