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Antony Rain: Domino Dancing

Year: 2008

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ITA 12"

[Q: 5]

5:10 Domino Dancing

12" ITA (Discomagic Records; MIX 967) [misprint on sleeve "Antony Ray"]


on "Dance Attack" Singapore CD compilation

[Q: 5]

5:12 Domino Dancing

CD SING (VMP; VMP 061193-2)

on "Euro Star Dance Hits 5 '94" POL bootleg CAS compilation [year: 1994]

5:15 Domino Dancing

CAS POL (Euro Star; ES 2671) [bootleg; "Anthony Raw"]

on "Dance Hot Chart 12 Vol. 1" POL CD compilation [year: 1994]

5:10 Domino Dancing

CD POL (Snake's Music; SM 0078 CD)

on "Do It Again Vol.1" POL CD compilation [year: 1995]

[Q: 10]

5:10 Domino Dancing

CD POL (Snake's Music; SM 0075 CD)

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