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Parralox: In The Night Two (In The Night)

Year: 2013
The song has been renamed "In the Night Two" since Parralox already recorded a song titled "In The Night"

AUS 1-track download [year: 2021]

3:50 In The Night Two (Acapella)

DL AUS (Subterrane Records; n/a) [download]

on "Recovery" GER limited edition CD

[Q: 12]

5:26 In The Night Two

CD GER (Conzoom Records; CRCD PLOX 12) [limited edition x500]

on "Recovery" GER 14-track download album

5:26 In The Night Two

DL GER (Subterrane Records; n/a) [download]

megamixed on "Megamix 2015" AUS download album [year: 2015]

Megamix 2015 (incl. "In The Night Two")

DL AUS (Subterrane Records; n/a) [download]

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It felt like the town was falling down, and there you were
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