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Parralox: Flamboyant

Year: 2016

on "Holiday '16" GER limited edition CD

[Q: 15]

4:06 Flamboyant

CD GER (Conzoom Records; CRCD PLOX 22) [limited edition x300]

on "Holiday '16" AUS 14-tracks download album

4:06 Flamboyant

DL AUS (Subterrane Records; PLOX022) [download]

megamixed on "Megamix 2016" GER download [year: 2020]

57:55 Megamix 2016 (incl. "Flamboyant")

DL GER (Subterrane Records; n/a) [download]

on "Singles 2" GER limited edition LP + CD [year: 2020]

[Q: 25]

57:55 Megamix 2016 (incl. "Flamboyant")

LP+CD GER (Conzoom Records; CRLP PLOX V02) [limited edition x100; yellow vinyl]

megamixed on "Promotional CD-R Package 1" GER limited edition 3xCD [year: 2020]

[Q: 15]

57:55 Megamix 2016 (incl. "Flamboyant")

3xCD GER (Conzoom Records; CRCD PLOX V02 LTD1/2/3) [limited edition x50]


on "Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys)" GER 22-tracks download album

4:06 Flamboyant

DL GER (Electrozombies; EZ003) [download]

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