Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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Various Artists: Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys)

Year: 2016

22-tracks download

4:07 Machinista: West End Girls
4:06 Parralox: Flamboyant
4:03 Love?: Rent
4:33 Twisted Destiny: Home And Dry
4:30 Nerd Revolt: Minimal
4:21 KNIGHT$: Heart
4:51 Junksista: It's A Sin
4:44 La Femme Verte: Being Boring
3:33 Presence Of Mind: I'm With Stupid
4:31 Retrogramme: Left To My Own Devices
3:28 Alphamay: Can You Forgive Her?
4:40 Lucifer's Dream: One More Chance
3:11 Atomzero: Opportunities
3:45 Sad January: Love Comes Quickly
4:11 Space March: Two Divided By Zero
4:30 Technique: So Hard
4:18 Ferrochrome: Psychological
4:09 nTTx: Suburbia
5:46 Foretaste: Love is a Catastrophe
4:02 Train To Spain: Domino Dancing
3:45 Canal Pop: How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?
3:50 TourdeForce: Integral

DL GER (Electrozombies; EZ003) [download]

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