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Obsession: In Private

Year: 2004


[Q: 3]

3:55 In Private (7" Anthem Mix)
7:30 In Private (12" Anthem Mix)
7:29 In Private (Instrumental)

CD5 UK (Almighty Records; CDRALMY209)

"Anthem Mix" on "Obsessed (We Love Obsession)" UK 2xCD [year: 2014]

[Q: 12]

7:31 In Private (Anthem Mix)

2xCD UK (Almighty Records; ALMYCD094)


on "Almighty Ultimate Dance Party" UK 2xCD compilation

[Q: 5]

3:27 In Private

2xCD UK (Almighty Records; ALMYCD50)

"Anthem Mix" on "12" Of Pleasure: Bigger And Better" UK 2xCD compilation [year: 2006]

[Q: 5]

4:29 In Private (Anthem Mix)

2xCD UK (Almighty Records; ALMYCD57)

"Almighty Anthem Mix" on "Almighty: 2 Decades Of Dance" UK 2xCD compilation [year: 2010]

[Q: 10]

4:41 In Private (Almighty Anthem Mix)

2xCD UK (Almighty Records; ALMYCD74)

"Almighty Anthem Club Mix" on "Almighty Presents: We Love The Pet Shop Boys" UK 2xCD compilation [year: 2010]

[Q: 15]

7:30 In Private (Almighty Anthem Club Mix)
45:51 Almighty PSB Mix (incl. "In Private (Almighty Anthem Club Mix)")

2xCD UK (Almighty Records; ALMYCD76)

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