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Mari Wilson: In Private

Year: 2016

on "Pop Deluxe" UK CD

[Q: 12]

4:31 In Private

CD UK (WG Records; WG 001)

on "Pop Deluxe" JAP CD [year: 2017]

[Q: 15]

4:31 In Private

CD JAP (Hayabusa Landings; HYCA-3060)

on "Pop Deluxe" UK limited edition signed LP

[Q: 22]

4:31 In Private

LP UK (WG Records; WGLP 001) [limited edition x100; autographed]

on "Pop Deluxe" UK test pressing LP

[Q: 20]

4:31 In Private

LP UK (n/a; BG33653-01) [test pressing]

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