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Cristiano Malgioglio: En Privado (In Private)

Year: 1992

"mix version" on "Querido Berlusconi" SPA 12"
[Q: 3]

7:24 En Privado (Mix Version)

12" SPA (Boy Records; BOY - 144)

"mix version" and "N.P. Version" on "Querido Berlusconi" ITA 12"
[Q: 2]

7:24 En Privado (Mix Version)
En Privado (N.P. Version)

12" ITA (Many Records; MN 625)

on "En Privado" SPA CD

4:40 En Privado

CD SPA (Perfil; CD-5503/T-C20)

on "En Privado" SPA LP

4:40 En Privado

LP SPA (Perfil; LP-33437)

on "En Espana: Escuchando A Isabel Pantoja, Sevilla 1994" ITA CD [year: 1994]
[Q: 4]

4:40 En Privado

CD ITA (Discomagic Records; CD-995)

on "My Favourite Songs" ITA CD [year: 1995]
[Q: 4]

4:40 En Privado

CD ITA (Duck Gold; DGCD 105)

on "My Favourite Songs" ITA CAS [year: 1995]
[Q: 8]

4:40 En Privado

CAS ITA (Duck Gold; GDMC 105)

on "Mira El Puerto" SPA CD [year: 1995]

5:03 En Privado

CD SPA (BCN Records; 31-957)

on "La Mia Storia... In Privato" ITA CD [year: 2004]

En Privado

CD ITA (SAAR Records; CD 7077)

on "Casanova - The Best" Austria CD [year: 2010]
[Q: 5]

5:06 En Privado

CD AUT (ZYX Music; ZYX 20936-2)


on "Sentimental Dance" ITA CD compilation [year: 1993]
[Q: 2]

4:11 En Privado

CD ITA (Discomagic Records; CD/926)

on "Sentimental Dance" ITA CAS compilation [year: 1993]
[Q: 2]

4:11 En Privado

CAS ITA (Discomagic Records; MC/926)

on "Sentimental Dance" BRA CD compilation [year: 1995]
[Q: 30]

4:11 En Privado

CD BRA (Jump; JUMP 1304)

on "X-Tremely Fun Aerobic Samba Latino" GER CD compilation [year: 1999]

En Privado

CD GER (ZYX; ZYX 55118-2)

on "The World Of Latino Summer Hits" GER 2xCD compilation [year: 2001]
[Q: 2]

En Privado

2xCD GER (ZYX; ZYX 11224-2)

on "Aerobic Volume 2" GER 3xCD compilation [year: 2000]
[Q: 15]

4:19 En Privado

3xCD GER (ZYX; 77212)

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