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Alcazar: Baby

Alcazar: Love Life

Atomizer: Hooked On Radiation

Billie Trix: Run Girl Run

Bizet Boys: Ride 'Em Carmen

Blank & Jones: Love Comes Quickly

Blockhead: Blockhead

Bloodhound Gang: Mope

Blur: Girls & Boys

Boy George: The Crying Game

Brandon Flowers: I Can Change

Cicero: Future Boy

Cicero: Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (1st release)

Cicero: Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (2nd release)

Cicero: Love Is Everywhere

Cicero: She Has A Way

Cicero: That Loving Feeling

Cicero: The Butcher of Bucharest

Cicero with Sylvia Mason-James: Live For Today

Claptone: Queen Of Ice

Dainton Connell "The Bear": Headstrong (It's The Bear)

David Bowie & Pet Shop Boys: Hallo Spaceboy

Diamond Version feat Neil Tennant: Were You There?

DJ Fresh: Throw

Dusty Springfield: Arrested By You

Dusty Springfield: Daydreaming

Dusty Springfield: In Private

Dusty Springfield: Nothing Has Been Proved

Dusty Springfield: Reputation (album)

Dusty Springfield: Reputation (single)

Dusty Springfield: Reputation (videos)

Dusty Springfield: Reputation And Rarities

Dusty Springfield's compilations including PSB-related songs

Eighth Wonder: I'm Not Scared

Electronic: 1989 Remixes 1992

Electronic: Disappointed

Electronic: Electronic

Electronic: Get The Message - The Best Of Electronic

Electronic: Getting Away With It

Electronic: The Promos

Elton John: An Audience With Elton John

Ennio Morricone: Ricordare

Fat Les 2000: Jerusalem

Frances Barber: Musik

Girls Aloud: The Loving Kind

Ian Wright: Do The Right Thing

Ignorants: Phat Girls

Jean-Michel Jarre: Brick England

Kiki Kokova: Love To Love You Baby

Kylie Minogue: Falling

Kylie Minogue: In Denial

Lady Gaga: Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

Liza Minnelli: Don't Drop Bombs

Liza Minnelli: Losing My Mind

Liza Minnelli: Love Pains

Liza Minnelli: Results

Liza Minnelli: So Sorry, I Said

Liza Minnelli: Visible Results

Liza Minnelli's compilations including PSB-related songs

Madonna: Sorry

Masterboy: Shake It Up And Dance

Miyuki Motegi: All Or Nothing

Morten Harket: Listening

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: Think Of A Number

Panti Bliss: Oppressive (The Best Gay Possible)

Paul Weller: Cosmic Fringes

Pete Burns: Jack And Jill Party

Pretenders: Let's Get Lost

Rammstein: Mein Teil

Robbie Williams: No Regrets

Robbie Williams: Rudebox

Robbie Williams with Pet Shop Boys: She's Madonna

Robbie Williams with Pet Shop Boys: We're The Pet Shop Boys

Rufus Wainwright: Going To A Town

Rufus Wainwright: Release The Stars

Rufus Wainwright: Rules And Regulations

Rufus Wainwright: Tiergarten

Sam Taylor-Wood: I'm In Love With A German Film Star

Sam Taylor-Wood: Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus

Sander Van Doorn VS Robbie Williams: Close My Eyes

Shirley Bassey: The Performance Of My Life

Shola Ama with Craig Armstrong: Someday I'll Find You / The Divine Comedy: I've Been To A Marvellous Party

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys: Purple Zone

Stop Modernists feat. Chris Lowe: Subculture

Straight Dave: Positive Role Model

Suede: Rent / Saturday Night

Superchumbo: Tranquilizer

The Hidden Cameras: Ode To An Ah

The Killers: Read My Mind

The Killers feat. Elton John and Neil Tennant: Joseph, Better You Than Me

Tina Turner: Confidential

Tom Stephan feat. Gerideau: Believe In Love

Wolfgang Tillmans: Insanely Alive

Yoko Ono: Walking On Thin Ice

Various Artists: Closer To Heaven - Cast Album

Various Artists: The Crying Game - OST

Various Artists: The Crying Game - Remixes

Various Artists: Twentieth Century Blues - The Songs Of Noel Coward

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