Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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!Distain feat Katrin P: West End Girls

2win: West End Girls

3-D Picnic: West End Girls

4 Poofs & A Piano: Favourite Pet Shop (medley)

A Beautiful Addiction feat. Empty Crush: It's A Sin

Adult.: Shopping

Akira The Don: Rent

Alan Connor: Heart

Alex Band: It's A Sin

Alexander Price: Rent

Almighty Allstars: Left To My Own Devices

Am Tierpark: I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)

Amon: It's A Sin

Anana & Sky: It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas

And One: It's A Sin

Andras Fixler: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

Annakin: It's A Sin

Antony Rain: Domino Dancing

Aquablue: Betrayed

Arcade Player: Will-o-the-wisp

Arch Rockefeller: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

Asya: I'm Not Scared

Autopulver: Being Boring

B-Elena: For Your Own Good

Barricades Rise: Rent

Belltower: Two Divided By Zero

Ben Karma: Pet Shop Boys (Instrumental) (Home And Dry)

Berk & The Virtual Band: Suburbia

Berlin Mitte Boys: Berlin Mitte Boy

Bernhard Eder: Being Boring

Bickers'175: Euroboy

Black Nail Cabaret: Rent

Bonus Beat: West End Girls

Booboo'zzz All Stars: West End Girls

Brass Band De Waldsang: It's A Sin

Bright Light Bright Light with Ana Matronic: West End Girls

BTH: Domino Dancing

C Drone Defect: It's A Sin

Caesar Gergess & The Dusk Wanderers: Love Comes Quickly

Cahe Nardy: Domino Dancing

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine: Rent

Certainly, Sir: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Charles Bobuck: Later Tonight

Chet Lam: Rent

Chinese Detectives: I Want A Lover

Chinese Theatre: Opportunities (Let's Make Lot Of Money)

Chipset: Integral

Chris Kalera and Oscar Salguero: Two Divided By Zero

Clara Luzia: It's A Sin

Claudia Brücken: Kings Cross

Colony Recording Club: Heart

Condition Icon: Rent + Love Comes Quickly + Suburbia

Conetik: Heart

Corporal Punishment: It's A Sin

Cosmicity: I Want A Dog

Cover Lover Project feat. Kaori Okano: West End Girls

Cris Delanno: West End Girls

Crispy: Domino Dancing

Cristiano Malgioglio: En Privado (In Private)

Cristiano Malgioglio: In Privato (In Private)

Cristiano Malgioglio: Sento Che Mi Senti Che Ti Sento (I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More)

Crocodile: Birthday Boy

Damills: Left To My Own Devices

Danny Chan: Underground Juries (It's A Sin)

David J: Being Boring

David Last: Suburbia / It's A Sin

Death Grips: 5D (West End Girls)

Death In Rome: It's A Sin

Decadence: Rent

Dennis Fiori: She's Madonna

Didascalis: West End Girls

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca feat. Tim Benton: Domino Dancing

Dinho Ouro Preto: Being Boring

Dino Lenny: West End Girls

Dirk von Lowtzow: I Want A Dog

Disco Fever: Domino Dancing

Discotronix: One More Chance

Diskothi-Q: To Face The Truth

DJ Reche: Suburbia

DJ Space'c: West End Girl

Donatella: Love Comes Quickly

Drake: West End Girls

Dub Mentor: Love Etc.

Dubstar: Jealousy

Dubstep Mafia: West End Girls

Dymaxion Vehicle: West End Girls

East 17: West End Girls

Eastend Boys: The Best Of Pet Shop Boys

Ela: It's A Sin

Eläkeläiset: Päivätanssit (Domino Dancing)

Electric Soft Parade: Jealousy

Electro Lounge All Stars: Suburbia

Element Of Crime: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

Eloquent: A Red Letter Day

Elton John with Years & Years: It's A Sin

Ergo Phizmiz: It's A Sin

Etienne Daho: You Choose

Euthanasia: Paninaro

Ever Ready Band: It's A Sin

Exotron: Being Boring

Faceless Ambitions: Rent

Fares: It's A Sin

Faure Quartett: Dreaming Of The Queen

Field Music: Actually, Nearly

Finntroll: Can You Forgive Her?

Frank Bennett: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)

Frankmusik: It's A Sin

Frau Doktor: Rent

Frozen Plasma: I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)

Furtips: Rent

Future Pop Stars United: Did You See Me Coming?

Gamma Ray: It's A Sin

Gea: I'm Not Scared

Geese: It's A Sin

Gepe: Domino Dancing

Ghost: It's A Sin

Ghosts On The Radio: It's A Sin

Gina Nemo: Love Comes Quickly

Ginobeat: West End Girls

Gjon Delhusa: It's A Sin

Gnak: King's Cross

Graham BLVD: Can You Forgive Her?

Graveworm: It's A Sin

Greg Allen Norris: West End Girls

Guy Thomas: New York City Boy

Gwar: West End Girls

Haberdashery: Pet Shop Boys

Harksheider Studio: Suburbia

Harmony Studio Project: A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys

Henry Mancini & Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra: It's A Sin

Hidden Citizens: It's A Sin

Hidemi Ishikawa: Love Comes Quickly / Tonight Is Forever

Hixxy & Re-Con: Love Comes (Love Comes Quickly)

Hyperboiz: New York City Boy

I Am A Camera: Rent

Indaqo: I'm Not Scared

Inga: Do I Have To?

Inka: Suburbia

Ituana: West End Girls

J Neo Marvin & The Content Providers: Young Offender

J'Aime: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

James Farrelli: It's A Sin

James Talk & Ridney: West End Girls

Jason Prince: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Jimmy: I'm Not Scared

JJ72: It's A Sin

John Raymond Pollard: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)

Jonteknik & Friends: Rent

Julie Hicklin & Vizcaya: It's A Sin

Julie Neumark: Love Comes Quickly

Jumberlack & The Cobra: I Want A Dog

Kafkas: Rent

Karen Noble: What Have I Done To Deserve This / Nothing Has Been Proved / In Private (medley)

Kbo!: Rent

Kennyboy: Eastendboy (West End Girls)

Kerosene: Heart

Kevorkian Death Cycle: It's A Sin

Kinky Boyz: In The Night

Kittie Kittie: It's A Sin

Klassix: West End Girls

Knochen=Girl: Being Boring

Koolture: Heart

Koolture: I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More

La Femme Verte: Being Boring

Lamont / Bailey / Wall: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Laykkah feat. Julie Hicklin: It's A Sin

Lee Aaron: It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas

Leo Garcia: Corazon (Heart)

Lervis!: West End Girlz (West End Girls)

Les Lourdes: Rent

Levy 9: I'm Not Scared

Lie Detector: Rent

Liliane Saint-Pierre: Ik Wil Alles Met Je Doen (In Private)

Lily Holbrook: It's A Sin

Linus Loves: One More Chance

Lord And Master: Obviously - A Celebration Of The Music Of Pet Shop Boys

Lord And Master: Paninaro / Being Boring / Friendly Fire

Lord And Master: Platform

Lord And Master: The Resurrectionist

Lord Vampyr: It's A Sin

Los Barenboim: Alquilame (Rent)

Lost Frequencies: Paninaro

Lulla: Love Comes Quickly

Man Parrish feat. Randy Jones: New York City Boy

Manuskript: Unoriginal Sin (It's A Sin)

Marcilo Agro E Il Duo Maravilha: It's A Sin

Maren Kroymann & die Jo Roloff Band: In Private

Mari Wilson: In Private

Mark Morriss: Love Comes Quickly

Martin Meister: Left To My Own Devices

Matt Mancid & Color Theory: Rent

Mel Merio: Domino Dancing

Memphis: Love Comes Quickly

Merril Bainbridge: Being Boring

Metric: It's A Sin

Midwest Winds: She's Madonna

Mies & Elama: Turussa (West End Girls)

Minute Taker: Heart

Miquel Brown: It's A Sin

Misha Singer: Diddly Squat

Miss Johnson: I'm Not Scared

Mitya Fomin: Big City Lights (Paninaro '95)

Monoboy: Heartbeat

Mr. Strange: It's A Sin

Mugatu: Assault On The West End Girls (West End Girls)

Munich Symphonic Sound Orchestra: It's A Sin

My Morning Jacket: West End Girls

Natalie Browne: I'm Not Scared

New Love Underground: A New Life

New York Papers: New York City Boy

New York Rappers: New York City Boy

Nezzer: Rent

Nicky North: Love Comes Quickly

Nona Reeves: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Norbert Kristof: Domino Dancing

Northern Electric: In The Night

Nouveau Riche: In Private

Nova International: It's A Sin

Obsession: In Private

Obsession: It's A Sin

Orange: In Private

Pansy Division: It's A Sin

Parralox: Always On My Mind / In My House

Parralox: Flamboyant

Parralox: I'm Not Scared

Parralox: In The Night Two (In The Night)

Pat Chan: Kuai Le Bang (Suburbia)

Paul Anka: It's A Sin

Peace Brothers: Gigantic Westend Dirtbag (West End Girls)

Pop Feast: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)

Power Music Workout: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing / Yesterday, When I Was Mad

Powerdrive: It's A Sin

Prayers: West End Girls

Propeller Palms: West End Girls

Prudence Liew: Why? (What Have I Done to Deserve This?)

PS Orchestra & Synthesizers: The Hits Of The Pet Shop Boys

Quiar: It's A Sin

Rally Boy: Love Comes Quickly

Randy: Yesterday, When I Was Mad

Randy Jones: New York City Boy

ReLisp: West End Girls

Revenant Dead: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)

R.F.L.M. feat. Milly Farrow: I'm Not Scared

Rhythm Inc. feat. Nevada: Hold On (My Heart)

Robbie Williams: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

Ronin: West End Girls

Rosanna Fratello: In Privato (In Private)

Rubens De La Corte: Domino Dancing

Russel B: In Private

Sahara Hotnights: In Private

Sally Shapiro: Rent

Sam Crawford: Young Offender

Sara Lee: I'm Not Scared

Sara Lee: Rent

Saragossa Band: West End Girls

Scandal: A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys

Scott Brothers: Domino Dancing

Scotty: West End Girls

Secret Friend: West End Girls

Sensuous Enemy: It's A Sin

Sharon Eusebe: Love Is A Catastrophe

Shyboy feat. Allee Willis: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Silent Waters: This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave

Sinew: It's A Sin

Skin: Getting Away With It

Skin Of Tears: Suburbia

Skitanja: Shopping

Sky High: Can You Forgive Her?

Sleaford Mods: West End Girls

Soda Inc: Being Boring

Sofie Clausen: Suburbia

Soft News: It's A Sin

Soldout: It's A Sin

Soli Brass: It's A Sin

Someone Who Isn't Me: Love Etc.

Sophia: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

Soundclash: West End Girls

Space March: It Must Be Obvious

Spee: Reproduced

Splendid: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

Spring And The Land: Can You Forgive Her?

Squareheads: So Hard

Star Inc.: It's A Sin / West End Girls

Starchaser: West End Girls

Starcrew 84: Liberation

Starkids: Se A Vida E'

State Of The Union: Rent

Stefano Ercolino: Heart 2013

Stickipop: Miracles

Stingers: Heart

Strauss Ex Machina: Paninaro

Strych: Przez Noc Po Dzien (Domino Dancing)

Studio 99: The Pet Shop Boys

Stunned Parrots: Suburbia

Suburban Boys: The Hit Mix, Actually

Sue Ellen: Being Boring

Suretoss: Opportunities (Let's Make Lot Of Money)

Sylvering: Domino Dancing

Takida: It's A Sin

Tammi feat. Luvva J: West End Girls

Tenebre: It's A Sin

Tevo Howard's Black Electro Orchestra: Rent / My October Symphony / What Have I Done to Deserve This

The 3rd Man feat. Mark B: Pet Food

The Booty Jocks: West End Girls

The Covers' Factory & Marilo': Suburbia

The Del Rubio Triplets: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

The Fraser Myers Big Band: In Private

The Heroic Enthusiasts: It's A Sin

The Hotrats: West End Girls

The J.F.W. Military Band / Major Alex Schillings: It's A Sin

The Jade: It's A Sin

The London Symphony Orchestra: It's A Sin

The Longing: It's A Sin

The Molly Ringwalds feat. Ian Smith: West End Girls

The Moon Loungers: It's A Sin

The Paraffins: Your Funny Uncle

The Promise Ring: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

The Ray Hamilton Orchestra: In Private

The Separate feat. Brian Molko: West End Girls

The Songrise Orchestra: The Music Of The Pet Shop Boys - 17 Instrumental Hits

The Soundlovers: I'm Not Scared

The Strings Of Love: Nothing Have Been Proved

The Transmissionary Six: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

The Voice In Fashion: Domino Dancing

Thermostatic: Paninaro

Throw That Beat: Suburbia

To Die For: It's A Sin

Tony Arzadon: West End Girls (sampling)

TourdeForce: Integral

TR/ST feat. Jake Shears: Being Boring

Tracey Thorn: King's Cross

Tracy Huang: Nothing Has Been Proved

Trancemission: It's A Sin

Triffids: Rent

Two Divided By Zero: Two Divided By Zero / Rent

Ultimate Soldier: It's A Sin

Unlimited Beat: Pet Shop Boys Medley

Vaughty feat. Cherry Ballard: Rent

Vessel: Love Is A Catastrophe

Waiting For Words: So Hard

We Have Band: West End Girls

West End Girls: A Little Black Dress

West End Girls: Always On My Mind

West End Girls: Domino Dancing

West End Girls: Go West

West End Girls: Goes Petshopping

West End Girls: It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas

West End Girls: Suburbia

West End Girls: West End Girls

West End Girls with Magnus Carlson: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Whelan & Di Scala: Love Comes Quickly

Witching Waves: It's A Sin

World's End Press: West End Girls

X-Perience: It's A Sin

Years & Years: It's A Sin

Zhora: West End Girls

Zinno feat. Yasmina Millich: Love Comes Quickly

Zsa Zsa Zapien: Rent

Zxz: West End Girls

Various Artists: Always On Our Minds

Various Artists: Herzlichen Gluckwunsch, Neil!

Various Artists: Pet Shop Boys Covers

Various Artists: Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys)

Various Artists: The Best Of Pet Shop Boys U2 M. Oldfield

Various Artists: Very Introspective, Actually (a tribute to the Pet Shop Boys)

Various Artists: We Love The Pet Shop Boys

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