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CD1 "Remixography - The Unofficial PSB Remixes Collection - Vol.1 Disc 1"

5:47 Two Divided By Zero (Elusively's Syntax Error Extended Mix)
8:08 Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (DJ 7Up Mastermix 2000)
7:43 Transfer (JCRZ Slow Motion Dream Remix)
7:48 Home And Dry (MAT's Extended Version)
8:56 Minimal (Rafael Lelis Personal Mix 2008 - Part II)
7:34 Always On My Mind (Jeff Valle Reconstruction Mix 2005)
5:14 London (T-MC Club Mix)
10:04 Miracles (DJ Amaya Epic 2004 Remix)
5:38 West End Girls (Paul Van Dyk's Starchaser Remix)
5:40 Flamboyant (Liquid Xaylor Remix)
7:24 Screaming (Elusively's Extended Mix)


CD (Orkut; n/a) [bootleg]

CD2 "Remixography - The Unofficial PSB Remixes Collection - Vol.1 Disc 2"

5:15 My October Symphony (Mixman Mike's Autumn Sky Mix)
3:46 Home And Dry (Ron Gelfer Remix)
7:13 Domino Dancing (Marco Zappala Remix 2000)
7:09 To Step Aside (Elusively's The Sexier Than Madonna Mix)
7:49 Always On My Mind (Deep Factory Private Anthem Mix 2008)
3:19 Transfer (Gumer's Alternative Mix)
7:26 Miracles (Thee FAB Xaylor Remix 2003)
7:00 King's Cross (VeryRelentless Vocal Trance Mix)
3:07 Violence (David Ewart Remix)
8:23 Sexy Northerner (Mike Danavan's Blond Twiddle-Poop Mix)
4:11 The End Of The World (Andy's Remix 2007)


CD (Orkut; n/a) [bootleg]

CD3 "Remixography - The Unofficial PSB Remixes Collection - Vol.1 Disc 3"

10:01 For Your Own Good (Dance Dummy's Extended Mix)
9:03 Lies (Elusively's Sexual Deviant Mix)
6:39 I'm With Stupid (DJ Rub Remix)
8:17 Love Comes Quickly (Nathan Jay's Deep House Mix)
5:08 Confidential (Cristian Thomas Hip Hop Mix 2000)
5:17 Fugitive (JCRZ X VS Y Discoteca Overdubbed Mix)
5:18 Integral (JCRZ Integrality Fearless Dream Reversion)
8:21 West End Girls (Robbie Steel Mix)
6:05 How I Learned To Hate Rock 'N' Roll (DJ Stop To Rock Mix)
5:44 KDX 125 (Matt Mancid Version 2003)
9:49 Being Boring (Lost Island Mix)


CD (Orkut; n/a) [bootleg]

CD3 "Remixography - The Unofficial PSB Remixes Collection - Vol.1 Disc 4"

4:54 We're The Pet Shop Boys (Andy's Remix)
5:02 Suburbia (DJ Marcel Club Mix 2002)
9:59 It's Alright (Ivy League 12" Mix)
7:39 Minimal (DJ PARALAX More Than Space Remix)
7:15 One More Chance (The Bernoulli Mix 2000)
7:36 Metamorphosis (That Kind Of Guy Vision Mix)
5:29 Numb (Sygma NuZone Remix)
9:20 I'm With Stupid (Saint Ken's Full Anthem)
8:10 It's A Sin (Party Monster Movie Mix)
5:01 Home And Dry (Jose Tramontini Homeless And Wet Dog Mix)
4:54 Miyuki Motegi: All Or Nothing (Saint Ken's PSB-Onpage Mix)


CD (Orkut; n/a) [bootleg]

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