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Liza Minnelli: Results Remixes

Year: 2002

South Korea bootleg CD
[Q: 12]

7:06 Losing My Mind (Extended Remix)
6:41 Losing My Mind (Ultimix)
5:11 Losing My Mind (Ultimix Dub)
8:31 Losing My Mind (Almighty Anthem)
3:40 Don't Drop Bombs (7" Version)
5:59 Don't Drop Bombs (Extended Remix)
8:59 Don't Drop Bombs (Exterminator Remix)
5:02 Don't Drop Bombs (Peace & Love Remix)
3:44 Don't Drop Bombs (Accapella)
3:56 Love Pains (Hurley's Radio Edit)
5:39 Love Pains (Silk Hurley's Remix)
4:09 Love Pains (Hurley's Instrumental)
5:07 Love Pains (Deep House Pains)
4:39 Love Pains (Deep House Dub)

CD SK (CCC Ltd. Music; CCC ZEE MIX) [bootleg]

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