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6:26 Tonight Is Forever
5:56 This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave
4:07 Can You Forgive Her?
4:05 Memory Of The Future
4:13 Miracles
5:14 Leaving
5:44 It Couldn't Happen Here
5:36 Breathing Space
4:16 New York City Boy
5:08 The Survivors
6:06 For All Of Us
6:33 He Dreamed Of Machines ["Machine"]
3:23 Hold On
5:41 West End Girls
5:47 Requiem For Denim And Leopardskin ["Leopard Skin"]


CD JAP (From The Vault; fvcd 204) [Media City, Salford, UK, December 6, 2012; bootleg]

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Searching for the face of Jesus, looking for the light we need
Searching for the face of Jesus