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Twenty Something

Year: 2016


3:41 Twenty Something (radio edit)
3:35 The White Dress
4:19 Wiedersehen
4:02 Twenty Something (the los evo jedis remix)

CD5 UK (x2; x2 0011 cd1)

[Q: 8]

UK CD5" promo #1

3:37 Twenty Something (radio edit)

CD5 UK (x2; x2 0007 cd1-p4) [promo]

[Q: 25]

UK CD5" promo #2

3:59 Twenty Something (the los evo jedis remix)
5:20 Twenty Something (kornel kovacs remix)

CD5 UK (x2; x2 0011 cd2-p) [promo]

POL bootleg CD5" "DeNovia Remixes"

2:09 Twenty Something (DeNovia Transorbital Edition)
10:16 Twenty Something (DeNovia Transorbital SuperXtd Remix)
6:08 Twenty Something (DeNovia Transorbital Deep Space Remix)
3:30 Twenty Something (DeNovia Transcluster Percapella Dub)
7:20 Twenty Something (DeNovia Transcluster Remix)
4:55 Twenty Something (DeNovia Transcluster Dub)

CD5 POL (YS Bootlegs; YS759M) [bootleg]

POL bootleg CD5" "Twenty Something (DeNovia Remixes) / Do I Have To (DeNovia Remixes)"

7:37 Twenty Something (DeNovia Divina Trans Remix)
4:03 Twenty Something (DeNovia Divina Transorbital Edit Remix)
6:53 Twenty Something (DeNovia Divina Trans Dub)
6:40 Do I Have To (DeNovia Trans Quantiqum Remix)
5:05 Do I Have To (DeNovia Trans Quantiqum Dub)
8:09 Do I Have To (DeNovia Divina Trans Dance Remix)
6:26 Do I Have To (DeNovia Divina Trans Sexy & Attractive Remix)
8:29 Do I Have To (DeNovia Trans Cluster Quantiqum Remix)

CD5 POL (YS Bootlegs; YS779SS) [bootleg]


5-tracks download

3:37 Twenty-Something (Radio Edit)
3:33 The White Dress
4:15 Wiedersehen
3:59 Twenty-Something (The Los Evo Jedis Remix)
5:30 Twenty-Something (Kornel Kovacs Remix)

DL UK (X2; X 20011DL1)


on "DMC Essential Hits 135" UK promo CD compilation

CD UK (DMC; dmc hits 135) [promo]

4:19 Twenty Something

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