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Thursday (feat. Example)

Year: 2013


3:56 Thursday (radio edit)
3:44 No More Ballads
3:46 Odd Man Out
5:58 Thursday (tensnake remix)

CD5" UK (x2; x2 0005 CD1)

[Q: 9]

CD5" promo

3:56 Thursday (radio edit)
5:02 Thursday (album version)
5:02 Thursday (instrumental)

CD5" UK (x2; n/a) [promo]

[Q: 40]

unofficial CD-R

3:32 Thursday (No Rap Radio Edit)
5:02 Thursday (Club Mix)
6:50 Thrsday (JRMX & Jon M Club Mix)
6:15 Thursday (Aidan Bega & Eddie Said Club Mix)
6:45 Thursday (Eddie Amador Club Mix)
8:16 Thursday (Adam Loves Dub Mix)
5:58 Thursday (Tensnake Remix)

CD5" UK (x2; n/a) [unofficial]

CD5" bootleg #1

3:57 Thursday (daytime radio edit)
5:58 Thursday (tensnake remix)
6:51 Thursday (jrmx & jon m club mix)
6:15 Thursday (aiden bega & eddie said club mix)
6:45 Thursday (eddie amador club mix)
8:17 Thursday (adam loves dub mix)
5:02 Thursday (instrumental mix)
5:02 Thursday (album mix)

CD5" UK (x2; x2 0005) [bootleg]

CD5" bootleg #2

5:58 Thursday (Tensnake Remix)
6:45 Thursday (Eddie Amador Remix)
6:56 Thursday (Eddie Amador Remix Dub Mix)
7:45 Thursday (Eddie Amador Remix Tech Dub Mix)
4:34 Thursday (JRMX & Jon M Edit)
6:51 Thursday (JRMX & Jon M Club)
6:51 Thursday (JRMX & Jon M Instrumental)
8:17 Thursday (Adam Love's Dub)
5:55 Thursday (Mindskap Remix)
5:56 Thursday (Mindskap Instrumental Mix)

CD5" UK (x2; n/a) [bootleg]

CD5" bootleg #3

3:38 Thursday (Aidan Bega & Eddie Said Radio Edit)
6:15 Thursday (Aidan Bega & Eddie Said Remix)
6:15 Thursday (Aidan Bega & Eddie Said Dub Remix)
5:54 Thursday (Koishii & Hush Vs Ric Scott Remix)
6:01 Thursday (Koishii & Hush Vs Ric Scott Remix Instrumental)
3:49 Thursday (Jolyon Petch Radio Edit)
6:04 Thursday (Jolyon Petch Club)
5:06 Thursday (Jolyon Petch Club Dub)
6:07 Thursday (Dion Mavath Remix)
6:36 Thursday (Luke Nutley's Extended Edit)
7:48 Thursday (Bitrocka Club Mix)
7:09 Thursday (Bitrocka Dub Mix)

CD5" UK (x2; n/a) [bootleg]


5:02 Thursday (album mix)
6:45 Thursday (eddie amador club mix)
5:58 Thursday (tensnake remix)

12" UK (x2; x2 0005 VL 1)

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'Eddie Amador remix' on 'DMC Dance Mixes 98' promo CD compilation

(DMC; dm98) [promo]

6:45 Thursday (Eddie Amador Remix)

[Q: 10]

on 'Ghetto Jams Presents: Remixx It! Remixes 32' promo CD compilation

(Ghetto Jams; rmx32) [promo]

6:09 Thursday

'JRMX Jon M Radio' on 'DMC DJ Promo DJO 177' promo 2xCD compilation

(DMC; DJO177) [promo]

4:31 Thursday (JRMX Jon M Radio)

[Q: 15]

'no rap radio' on 'Essential Hits 104' promo CD compilation

(DMC; DMC HITS104) [promo]

3:55 Thursday (no rap radio)

[Q: 12]

on 'Best World Hits 2014' UKR CD compilation

(Moon Records; 4 603939 563422)


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