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Sexy Northerner

Year: 2002

US 12" promo only

(Sanctuary; SANDJ 85547-1) [promo; wrong labeled; Dub on A side]

8:24 Sexy Northerner (superchumbo dub)
8:36 Sexy Northerner (superchumbo remix)

[Q: 175]


"Superchumbo Mix" on "Promo Only - Alternative Club April 2003" US promo CD compilation

CD US (Promo Only; n/a) [promo]

7:03 Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mix)

"Superchumbo Mix" on "Promo Only Mainstream Club: April 2003" US promo 2xCD compilation

2xCD US (Promo Only; POMC0403) [promo]

8:37 Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mix)

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