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Closer To Heaven

Year: 2001

United Kingdom
CD5" promo
Q: 8

6:30 Closer To Heaven (slow version)
3:25 Friendly Fire (studio version)
5:04 Shameless
4:06 Closer To Heaven

CD5 UK (EMI; CTH 1) [promo]

Only available with The Daily Telegraph voucher, 12 May 2001

CD5" promo
Q: 20

6:30 Closer To Heaven (slow version)
3:29 Break For Love (uk radio edit)

CD5 FRA (EMI; 5 51003 2) [promo]


album version on "Uncut - 19-Track Guide To The Month's Best Music" compilation

United Kingdom
Q: 3

4:32 Closer To Heaven

CD UK (Uncut Magazine; Ref UG-32 38)

on "EMI Hot Dish January/February 2000" compilation

CD promo

4:06 Closer To Heaven

CD JAP (EMI; PCD-2239) [promo]

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