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Year: 2001

United Kingdom
CD promo
Q: 40

4:36 Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (full length original seven-inch)
5:14 Why Don't We Live Together? (original New York mix)
5:11 King's Cross
6:00 I Want To Wake Up (breakdown mix)
4:17 Domino Dancing
5:17 So Sorry I Said (demo for Liza)
5:18 My October Symphony
10:40 Being Boring (extended mix)
5:10 The Theatre
9:09 Go West (1992 twelve-inch mix)
4:30 The Survivors
5:14 Discoteca (single version)
2:04 Always On My Mind (dub mix)

CD UK (Parlophone; PSB 001) [promo]



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