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Various Artists:
Very Introspective, Actually (a tribute to the Pet Shop Boys)

Year: 2001


4:36 It's A Sin (perfomed by The Crüxshadows)
4:09 Rent (perfomed by Behind The Scenes)
4:06 This Must Be The Place I've Waited Years To Leave (perfomed by Human Drama)
5:18 Opportunities (perfomed by Fictional)
3:13 Left To My Own Devices (perfomed by Motormark)
4:24 Suburbia (perfomed by Endanger)
6:22 Love Comes Quickly (perfomed by Sweep)
6:24 Heart (perfomed by Athan Maroulis & Zeitmahl)
3:20 What Have I Done To Deserve This? (perfomed by Rhea's Obsession)
5:12 New York City Boy (perfomed by Icon Of Coil)
2:54 So Hard (perfomed by Momus)
4:31 Jealousy (perfomed by Hungry Lucy)
5:42 You Know Where You Went Wrong (perfomed by Cleaner)
4:36 West End Girls (perfomed by Nicole Blackman & John van Eaton)
4:43 Being Boring (perfomed by David J.)


CD US (Dancing Ferret Discs; 687132-061125)


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Sooner or later this happens to everyone
Love comes quickly