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Mel Merio: Domino Dancing

Year: 2007

GER 12"
[Q: 5]

6:33 Domino Dancing (club mix)
3:45 Domino Dancing (radio version)
8:00 Domino Dub

12" GER (Klein Records; KL 088-1)


"Club Remix" on "DJ Masters Unmixed 18" AUS 3xCD compilation [year: 2008]
[Q: 20]

Domino Dancing (Club Remix)

3xCD AUS (Central Station; CSRCD5522)

on "The Sounds Of Fresh Volume 11" AUS 3xCD compilation [year: 2008]
[Q: 20]

3:32 Domino Dancing

3xCD AUS (Central Station; CSRCD5512)

"Club Edit" on "Cover2Cover - Volume 10" South Africa 2xCD compilation [year: 2008]
[Q: 6]

Domino Dancing (Club Edit)

2xCD SA (RPM Dance; CDRPM 2013)

"Club Edit" on "Christopher Just: Dirty Sanchez" JAP 2xCD mixed compilation [year: 2008]
[Q: 10]

6:32 Domino Dancing (Club Mix)
1:43 Domino Dancing (Club Mix)

2xCD JAP (Sublime Records; IDCS-9001-9002)

on "John Morley & Brooklyn Bounce: Wild Bassline" AUS 2xCD mixed compilation [year: 2008]
[Q: 8]

3:53 Domino Dancing (Club Mix)

2xCD AUS (Central Station; CSRCD5508)

video on "Clubworx 4" South Africa DVD compilation [year: 2008]
[Q: 32]

Domino Dancing (video)

DVD SA (RPM Dance; DVDRPM 026)


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October, 6th, 2007

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