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Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine: Rent

Year: 1990

[Q: 8]

4:40 Rent


CD5 UK (Big Cat; USMCD 3)

UK 12"

4:40 Rent


12" UK (Big Cat; USMX 3)

on 'Handbuilt By Perverts' UK EP

4:40 Rent


CD5 UK (Big Cat; abb103xcd)

on 'Handbuilt By Perverts' JAP EP

4:40 Rent


CD5 JAP (Chrysalis; TOCP-6994)

live version on 'Back In Bed With Carter' UK DVD (year: 2007)
[Q: 17]

Rent (live)


DVD UK (Who's The Daddy; mummy05)

live version on 'Live!' UK CD (year: 1998)
[Q: 17]

4:14 Rent (live)


CD UK (Cooking Vinyl; cook cd149)


on 'Indie Top CD vol. 10' UK CD compilation

4:37 Rent


CD UK (Beechwood Music; tt010cd)

on 'Indie Top 20 vol. 10' UK 2xLP compilation

4:37 Rent


2xLP UK (Beechwood Music; tt010)

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