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Autopulver: Being Boring

Year: 1999

BEL enhanced CD5"
[Q: 8]

4:00 Being Boring
Being Boring (Live) [enhanced section]

CD5 BEL (ARS; 740424-5) [enhanced]

on "Frisbee" NOR CD5" [year: 1997]
[Q: 12]

4:12 Being Boring

CD5 NOR (Norske Gram AS; EKG S 89)

on "F-Words" BEL CD

4:13 Being Boring

CD BEL (ARS Productions; 740343-2)


on "De Afrekening 18" BEL CD compilation
[Q: 12]

3:59 Being Boring

CD BEL (Pias; 442000220)

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