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You Are Always On My Mind

Year: 1994

United States

6:15 What Have I Done To Deserve This? (hot tracks mix) (edit)
6:42 Domino Dancing (prime cuts mix)
7:35 So Hard (red zone mix)
11:00 Device Megamix (on-usound)
10:39 Always On My Mind (disconet mix) (acidtone remix)
8:02 What Have I Done To Deservt This? (prime cuts mix)
6:53 So Hard (razormaid mix) (digital remix)
7:48 West End Girls (bobcat version)
5:25 One More Chance (benelux remix)

CD US (Hot Tracks Rec.; HOT TRACKS 1) [bootleg]

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Let's pretend we won a war, like a football match ten-nil the score
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