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1 December 2021

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Very Remixed


6:18 Can You Forgive Her (remix)
6:05 I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (extended version)
8:46 The Theatre (special remixed version)
6:24 One And One Make Five (mad version)
4:46 To Speak Is A Sin (cosey mix)
8:43 Go West (new world mix)
6:01 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (special version)
7:24 One In A Million (1.000.000 version)
8:41 A Different Point Of View (ultimate version)
7:54 Liberation (take off version)


CD UK (n/a; ODY 12 Neil & Chris) [bootleg]

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No more pain, no fear, no sorrow or dying, nNo waiting or crying. These former things have passed away, another life begins today
Your funny uncle