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Ultra Hot Art Disc Four


7:00 Opportune Medley (liz & essex mix)
7:16 Liza Minnelli: Losing My Mind (outrospective mix)
5:05 Heart (english hit edit)
5:56 The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On (machine mix)
9:33 Always On My Mind (bessie's house mix)
5:40 Where the Streets Have No Name (carr & edge mix)
5:09 Before (standard disco dub)
7:08 Go West (3-d rare version)
6:57 A Red-Letter Day (june 19th, 1995)
5:44 Paninaro '95 (miles child mix) ["Paninaro"]
5:11 New York City Boy (trans-europe mix)


CD US (Atlantic Recording Company Inc.; 52473/2) [bootleg]

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