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The Prize CD


8:16 Left To My Own Devices (frankie knuckles royal piano mix)
6:24 How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously (ragga zone mix)
4:18 Go West (mark stent original mix)
4:04 I Want A Dog (techno funk mix)
9:14 It's A Sin (phil harding latin vocal mix) ["miami mix"]
6:36 Losing My Mind (hot tracks club mix)
5:48 West End Girls (razormaid mix)
4:41 It's Alright (dj palmers symbiotic mix)
5:32 So Hard (double x mix)
6:56 Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend (art of mix)
3:26 Go West (recorded live at brits awards 1994)


CD BE (Ostosis Production; PBCD 816) [bootleg]

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