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3:03 Intro
4:47 Somewhere
4:03 Yesterday, When I Was Mad
3:47 The Truck Driver And His Mate
3:55 Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)
6:03 Some Speculation
4:30 Hallo Spaceboy
4:02 To Step Aside
5:19 Go West

3:03 The Theatre
4:47 It's A Sin - I Will Survive
4:03 The Man Who Has Everything
3:47 Discoteca
3:55 Friendly Fire
6:03 Love Comes Quickly
4:30 Can You Forgive Her?
4:02 Somewhere
5:19 Always On My Mind
5:14 Being Boring
7:23 Left To My Own Devices


2xCD (live bootleg; CD1/CD2) [live bootleg]

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Everything I say she doesn't understand, she doesn't realise, she takes it all the wrong way
My girl