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22nd September 2022

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Pet Shop Boys + Electronic


5:57 Domino dancing (base mix)
4:21 Don Juan (demo)
4:12 The patience of a saint [Electronic]
4:19 Hallo spaceboy (live)
4:46 Domino dancing (demo)
4:38 One in a million/Mr Vain (live)
6:01 I get excited (you get excited too) (sarm west remix)
5:20 It's a sin/I will survive (live) [Somewhere version]
5:25 I want to wake up (1993 remix)
5:46 Left to my own devices/Rhythm of the night (live)
4:24 Disappointed [Electronic]
5:15 Getting away with it [Electronic]
4:45 Rent (live) [Highlights version]
5:22 We all feel better in the dark (after hours climax)
3:10 So sorry I said (live)


CD (n/a; n/a) [bootleg]

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Each morning after Sunblest, feel the benefit, mental arithmetic
This must be the place I waited years to leave