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Nightlife Tour


6:13 For your own good
4:37 West end girls
5:39 Discoteca
6:54 Being boring
3:45 Happiness is an option
4:28 Can you forgive her?
4:53 Only the wind
5:01 What have I done to deserve this?
5:12 New York city boy
4:47 Left to my own devices

7:52 Young offender
5:49 Vampires
2:56 You only tell me you love me when you are drunk
3:48 Se a vida é
5:16 I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore
4:07 Always on my mind
5:17 Shameless
3:21 Opportunities
5:24 It's a sin/I will survive
7:16 It's alright
2:54 Intro of performers
6:24 Go west


2xVCD US (n/a; n/a) [live bootleg]

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