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Got To Start Somewhere


6:28 Closer To Heave (slow version)
4:54 Got To Start Somewhere
6:19 In Denial (extended remix)
3:58 My Night (demo)
4:02 Call Me Old Fashioned (demo)
3:35 Nine Out Of Ten (demo)
3:42 This Is Just My Little Tribute To Caligula, Darling (demo)
4:46 Out Of My System (demo)
3:25 Friendly Fire (demo)
3:42 A Little Black Dress (demo) ["Little Black Dress"]
5:34 Hedonism (redenial mix)
5:32 Positive Role Model (extended remix)
4:25 For All Of Us (demo)
3:20 Something Special (demo)
4:41 K-hole (demo)
3:54 It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas


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Baby when you coming home? Ah, you know I hate being alone!
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