Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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Elusive 1

Year: 1998

United States

7:20 Before (underground instrumental)
8:01 Se a vida e (Mark Picchiotti's shelter deep & dark instrumental)
5:32 Single-Bilingual (original Baby Doc mix)
6:11 A red letter day (Basement Jaxx nite dub)
8:59 The boy who couldn't keep his clothes on (faraway dub)
7:34 To step aside (Ralhi's house vox 2)
7:36 Somewhere (Fortright extended dub)
6:12 Music for boys (Chris Lowe unreleased mix)
4:01 Can you forgive her? (MK edit)
3:50 Before (extended edit)

CD US (n/a; n/a) [bootleg]

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