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22nd September 2022

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5:22 Forever in love (original version)
5:39 A red letter day (original album version)
3:11 Badubadubadum (demo)
3:45 James Bond theme #2 (demo)
3:31 One more chance (demo)
3:22 Oh dear (demo)
4:42 Domino dancing (demo)
4:21 Don Juan (demo)
7:02 I want a lover (demo)
5:21 In the club or in the queue (demo)
4:32 Somewhere (original version)
5:41 I want to wake up (demo)
5:54 You know where you went wrong (demo)
6:01 I get excited, you get excited too (Sarm West demo)
3:28 Friendly fire (live at the Savoy theatre)


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We never, ever argue, we never calculate the currency we've spent. I love you, you pay my rent