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Dance Remixes 2000


9:44 New York City Boy (superchumbo's uptown mix)
7:48 I Don't Know What You Want... (the morales remix)
5:13 For Your Own Good (radio edit)
4:14 Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus (single track)
4:21 New York City Boy (radio edit)
4:04 The Ghost Of Myself (single track)
4:07 Closer To Heaven (single edit)
7:39 I Don't Know What You Want... (thee maddikatt mix)
3:31 Radiophonic (radio edit)
6:30 New York City Boy (the almighty definitive mix)
4:39 Casting A Shadow (single track)
5:34 Somewhere (fortright dub)
5:09 I Don't Know What You Want...


CD SWE (Dance music corporation; DMC 431)

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