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Alternative Discography 2 - The B-side Collection

Year: 1995

United States

6:38 You Know Where You Went Wrong (rough mix)
5:19 We All Feel Better In The Dark (ambient)
4:57 Violence (hacienda version)
6:06 Losing My Mind (disco mix)
5:24 I Want To Wake Up
3:19 Decadence (unplugged mix)
5:33 Music for Boys (part 3)
4:27 Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend (original mix)
4:03 I Want A Dog (techno funk mix)
3:53 One of the Crowd
4:54 Can You Forgive Her? (swing version)
2:58 If Love Were All
5:01 Shameless
7:22 This Must Be the Place I Waited Years To Leave (extended mix)
4:15 Too Many People

CD US (Abstract Music Co.; AMCD 012) [bootleg]

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I stood at the kitchen sink, my radio played songs like 'Tainted Love' and 'Love Is Strange'
I want to wake up