Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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Alternative Discography - The Remixes

Year: 1995

United States

7:12 Was It Worth It? (12")
5:46 DJ Culture (remixed by the grid)
7:59 Jealousy (extended version)
6:01 Absolutely Fabulous (rollo our tribe tongue-in-cheek mix)
4:15 I Wouldn't Normally... (beatmasters extended nude mix)
9:17 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (jam & spoon mix)
10:13 Go West (ming's gone west: first and second movements)
5:34 It's Alright (sterling void mix)
6:09 Liberation (e smoove 12" mix)

CD US (Abstract Music Co.; AMCD 011) [bootleg]

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