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20th Century Blues - Radio 2 In Concert

Year: 1998


5:09 Neil Tennant: Introduction
4:26 Elton John: 20th Century Blues
7:05 Suede featuring Raissa: Poor Little Rich Girl
5:15 Marianne Faithfull: Mad About The Boy
4:29 Shola Ama: Someday I'll Find You
4:28 Pet Shop Boys: Sail Away
2:58 Pet Shop Boys: If Love Were All
2:27 Sting: I'll Follow My Secret Heart
4:20 Robbie Williams: There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
0:17 Neil Tennant: Goodbye
4:29 Noel Coward: Noel Coward Medley Part One


CD (n/a; n/a) [live bootleg]

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