Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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Further Listening (More Rare Tracks & Unreleased Songs From 1984-1994)


4:38 Falling (Demo For Kylie)
3:55 Decadence
3:46 Absolutely Fabulous (Single Version)
4:30 Euroboy
6:34 Some Speculation
4:55 Girls And Boys (Live In Rio)
6:09 Losing My Mind (Disco Mix)
4:51 Nothing Has Been Proved (Demo For Dusty)
3:26 So Sorry I Said (Demo For Liza)
3:56 One Of The Crowd
7:15 Was It Worth It? (Twelve-Inch Mix)
6:13 Music For Boys (Ambient Mix)
4:26 DJ Culture (Seven-Inch Mix)

CD RUS (n/a; 13418) [bootleg]

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