Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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Year: 2012


8:23 Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin (Microdiscectomy Remix)
7:28 Invisible (Always Visible Remix)
5:44 Everything Means Something (Representation Mix)
5:07 Hold On (Extended Remix)
7:57 Give It A Go (Give In Remix)
7:50 Memory Of The Future (In The Past Remix)
5:03 Ego Music (Basement Nightclub Remix)
6:18 A Face Like That (So Handsome Remix)
6:34 Leaving (Freedom Mix)
4:33 Your Early Stuff (Back In The Day Remix)
5:16 Winner (East End Mix)
5:51 Breathing Space (Beat It Mix)

CD POL (YS Bootlegs; YS480A) [bootleg]

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