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Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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JCRZ Remixes

Year: 2010


4:02 Always On My Mind (Dub In Mind X-Tended Remix)
5:18 Integral (QR Code Video Remix)
7:54 Gin And Jag (JCRZ Long Drink Remix)
5:19 Fugitive (Powerful Miracles Remix)
10:29 Legacy (JCRZ Extended I-Remix)
6:31 To Step Aside (Ten-And-Low Xtended Remix)
5:11 Numb (Out Of Rio Cathedral Extended Remix)
6:37 The Way It Used To Be (To Be Or Not To Be Remix)
4:32 Love Life (Noisy Life Bootleg Mix)
4:00 Love Etc. (JCRZ Electro House Remix)
4:55 Love Comes Quickly (JCRZ Over Clubbed Mix)
4:14 Only The Wind (I'm Sorry Of That Blizzard Mix)
5:38 We All Feel Better In The Dark (JCRZ Burning Floor Remix)

6:30 Domino Dancing (JCRZ Red Sky Anthem)
5:28 Integral (QR Code Color Version)
5:45 Always (Always And Forever Remix)
4:42 My Girl (JCRZ Club-O-Matic Go Minor Remix)
6:03 The Former Enfant Terrible (Dark Event X-Tended Remix)
6:17 Go West (West Of Eden Club Remix)
6:49 All Over The World (JCRZ... Rising Remix)
4:00 Transfer (JCRZ Slow Motion Dream Edit)
6:16 More Than A Dream (30 Neuronal Remix)
6:44 Viva La Vida / Domino Dancing (Trance Kingdom Remix)
5:28 Integral (QR Code Mosaic Remix)
3:33 God Willing (JCRZ Remix)

2xCD POL (YS Bootlegs; YS288A) [bootleg]

Remixes by "JCRZ".

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